No credit check mobile phone 101

Do you want a new phone so you can download and enjoy new trending apps on your mobile? You can get the latest handset by getting a phone contract plan. If you have bad credit, however, it may be more difficult to get approved for one. In this case, you can avail a no credit check mobile phone instead. But before you sign a deal, here’s everything you need to know about the plan.

What are no credit check phones?

No credit check phones are exactly what the name suggests. These are phone contract plans that do not require any credit check on the applicant. If you’re hesitant to apply for a plan because of bad credit, this is your chance to not worry about your credit score getting in the way.

With no credit check phones, all you need is to provide proof of income. If you have copies of your recent pay slips, you are welcome to avail a no credit check phone. You can even expect same day approval so long as you meet all the requirements and have the documents ready.

How does a no credit check phone work?

Like a regular phone contract plan available for customers with good credit, a no credit check phone plan has two elements. One is the handset and the other is your bundle plan. This means that you can choose the type of phone you want in addition to an allowance plan for your call, text and data services. To check no credit check deals, instantmobile.uk has exciting options for you.

When approved for a no credit phone contract, you’ll also need to pay a fixed monthly fee typically for the next 24 months. Once you’ve completed the contract, you can upgrade to a better plan or switch carriers if you want. Either way, the phone is considered paid off and all yours.

What are the types of phones available?

One of the disadvantages of having a bad credit score is the limited selection of handsets. If you want the latest iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, for instance, you may have a hard time looking for a deal that offers said phones. Considering your poor credit history, no credit check phone providers are only able to offer you cheaper handsets. They are still smartphones so you’ll still enjoy key features that should let you download apps and perform basic mobile phone tasks.

How much is the monthly fee?

The cost of your contract will depend on the type of handset you choose. Your bundle plan for call, text and data services will also affect your monthly fee. If you want your fee to be cheap and affordable, it’s best to keep your handset option to the cheaper models. Keeping your allowance for data at minimum will also significantly lower your monthly fee. With every deal you opt for, remember to make sure to pay your bills on time every month. After a few months of paying your bill on time, you should see some improvements on your credit rating.

Who are no credit check phones for?

No credit check phones are ideal and highly recommended for customers with bad credit. If you cannot get a phone contract from other providers, this is when you can consider this type of deal. No credit check phones are also especially perfect for heavy mobile users who want cheaper rates on their phone services. If you want to save money, this type of plan can help you do that. Just make sure that your plan meets your needs to a tee. Otherwise, you may end up paying more than necessary.

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