Best Trending Apps for Your iPad

You might think that just because you have an iPhone, you can download the same apps and enjoy your iPad like so. I have news for you. There are differences between an iPad and an iPhone, which also means that you may need a different set of apps to fully enjoy your iPad. Here are some of the best apps you might find useful:

VLC for iOS

If you constantly deal with different media filetypes, the perfect app for you is VLC. It’s perfect for handling a variety of filetypes. Once downloaded and installed, you can start watching different videos or listen to audio of different filetypes.


An essential iPad app, Remote is perfect to use with your iTunes. With the app installed on your iPad, you can use the device to control your computer’s iTunes library. You can play music, browse through songs and even get access to your iTunes Radio.

Skype for iPad

Let’s not forget about Skype. Though you have FaceTime you can use to video call with family or friends, Skype remains a staple app your iPad needs. You get to enjoy free video calls, chats and voice calls on a bigger screen than your iPhone with the Skype app for iPad.


If you’d rather watch a movie or a TV show in the comforts of your home or when travelling, Netflix is an excellent iPad app to download. When it comes to streaming services, Netflix offers the best there is. It’s for free on iPad. Though it will not let you download videos for offline viewing, it’s still handy enough as long as there’s Internet connection.

SwiftKey Keyboard

If you want a better keyboard than what your iOS phone has, you can download the SwiftKey Keyboard. The app features an auto correct system that’s certainly more intuitive than the iOS keyboard. This means no more worries about embarrassing autocorrects sent out to the wrong people.

App in the Air

If you’re constantly flying for business or pleasure, the App in the Air is a must have for your iPad. With the app, you can keep track of your flight details real time without hassle. The app also features navigation maps. This means that you can literally find anything and everything including restaurants and more at the airport. The best thing about the app, it still works even when offline.


iPads are the best when reading websites, blogs, articles and watching videos you’ve bookmarked. The problem is, you can’t access these bookmarks unless there’s Internet connection. But thanks to Pocket, you can now read web pages even offline. Just save the web pages on Pocket and you’re ready to read anytime, anywhere.

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