Best Free Trending Android Apps

Whatever kind of Android phone you own, downloading the best trending apps suitable for your phone is the best way to make the most of your handset. Here are some of the trending apps you might want to check out. We’ve rounded them up for you so you don’t have to dig through the best ones from a pile of crappy apps.


When it comes to trending apps for organizing purposes, Evernote is without a doubt a clear winner. You can create notebooks, jot down ideas and make to do lists. If you happen to have a life-changing idea while on the road, just take out your Android phone and launch Evernote. You can quickly sync your notes to other devices quickly and for free too.


Listen to your favorite playlist or create your own with Spotify. It’s one of the best media apps that you can download for free on your Google Play Store. Even if you don’t pay for the service, you can listen and enjoy innumerable songs provided you have Internet connection. Paying the monthly subscription fee, on one hand, will drop the ads and improve the audio quality.


Perfect for runners or cyclists, Strava is one of the best to go with your Android phone. You can track you activities, performance and check your progress by using just one app. For added spice, the app has challenges and leaderboards you can check out.


If you love Twitter then you’d probably love to download Periscope as well. The app is a more visual video streaming version of Twitter, which lets you watch video or create your own. Whether you’re a viewer or you create your own videos, the app is a must have for your Android phone.


In times when you can’t access the web and you want to read or browse through websites, Pocket is the app that you need. You can save articles, stories, blogs and even videos using Pocket then you can get back to them later even when offline.


If you want to show off your best snaps, Instagram is the best free app to share those photos. The app also comes with a wide range of filters that are sure to liven up your raw snaps before posting. To date, there are over 300 million users on Instragram.


Instant messaging on your Android phone is more exciting with WhatsApp. It’s for free but only for the first year. The app lets you send free text messages to people who are using the same app. If you’ve used up your text allowance, you can count on WhatsApp to save the day.


If you want to edit photos, Snapseed is a free editing app you should download. Your regular photos can look several times better thanks to the app’s features and tweaking options. It also comes with a variety of filters and effects that make editing more fun.


Traveling over 50 counters has been made easier and more convenient with Uber. If you regularly ride taxis to go to work or when travelling, download Uber on your Android phone now. If you need a taxi, just launch Uber and you can quickly request a taxi. Within minutes, your taxi is ready to take you wherever you are headed.


Keep your apps organized on your Android phone with Launchify. The app is a must have for users who get annoyed with messy phones. With Launchify, you can create short cuts to your favorite apps. For the free version, you can create up to six shortcuts.

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