No credit check mobile phone 101

Do you want a new phone so you can download and enjoy new trending apps on your mobile? You can get the latest handset by getting a phone contract plan. If you have bad credit, however, it may be more difficult to get approved for one. In this case, you can avail a no credit check mobile phone instead. But before you sign a deal, here’s everything you need to know about the plan.

What are no credit check phones?

No credit check phones are exactly what the name suggests. These are phone contract plans that do not require any credit check on the applicant. If you’re hesitant to apply for a plan because of bad credit, this is your chance to not worry about your credit score getting in the way.

With no credit check phones, all you need is to provide proof of income. If you have copies of your recent pay slips, you are welcome to avail a no credit check phone. You can even expect same day approval so long as you meet all the requirements and have the documents ready.

How does a no credit check phone work?

Like a regular phone contract plan available for customers with good credit, a no credit check phone plan has two elements. One is the handset and the other is your bundle plan. This means that you can choose the type of phone you want in addition to an allowance plan for your call, text and data services. To check no credit check deals, has exciting options for you.

When approved for a no credit phone contract, you’ll also need to pay a fixed monthly fee typically for the next 24 months. Once you’ve completed the contract, you can upgrade to a better plan or switch carriers if you want. Either way, the phone is considered paid off and all yours.

What are the types of phones available?

One of the disadvantages of having a bad credit score is the limited selection of handsets. If you want the latest iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, for instance, you may have a hard time looking for a deal that offers said phones. Considering your poor credit history, no credit check phone providers are only able to offer you cheaper handsets. They are still smartphones so you’ll still enjoy key features that should let you download apps and perform basic mobile phone tasks.

How much is the monthly fee?

The cost of your contract will depend on the type of handset you choose. Your bundle plan for call, text and data services will also affect your monthly fee. If you want your fee to be cheap and affordable, it’s best to keep your handset option to the cheaper models. Keeping your allowance for data at minimum will also significantly lower your monthly fee. With every deal you opt for, remember to make sure to pay your bills on time every month. After a few months of paying your bill on time, you should see some improvements on your credit rating.

Who are no credit check phones for?

No credit check phones are ideal and highly recommended for customers with bad credit. If you cannot get a phone contract from other providers, this is when you can consider this type of deal. No credit check phones are also especially perfect for heavy mobile users who want cheaper rates on their phone services. If you want to save money, this type of plan can help you do that. Just make sure that your plan meets your needs to a tee. Otherwise, you may end up paying more than necessary.

10 Best Trending Apps for Your iPhone

With thousands of iPhone apps available on the iPhone App Store, finding the best trending apps to download on your phone may take some time. Fortunately, we’ve done the hard work for you. We may not know exactly what kind of apps you want, but we’ve compiled here a list of the best new apps for 2015 you can download today. From entertainment to travel, fitness and health, social, organizing and photos, we rounded up the best there is in the App Store for you.


If you love to watch movies or television shows, nothing beats Netflix. It’s simply the best app for streaming thousands of movies or TV shoes. The app is available on iTunes for free but there’s a subscription fee per month for unlimited streaming.


While Netflix may provide the best streaming service, it comes with a subscription fee. Crackle, on one hand, is completely free. The app comes with a lot of fun and entertaining content as well as some weird videos you just have to put up with. Nonetheless, it’s free and for most of us it’s the best kind of price.


Do you want to organize your mail in a matter of minutes? You can do so with Mailbox. The app is available for free on iTunes and it helps you set your mail back to zero. It’s one of the easiest ways to get rid of the crap and spam mails and just zero in on what’s most important.

Google Chrome

When it comes to the best browser, you can count on Google Chrome to do the job right. Thanks to its slickness, the browser has been deemed by many better and faster than Safari. You can easily share bookmarks and even passwords with the browser.


Though Google Drive may offer more free storage, Dropbox remains one of the best and most preferred app when it comes to cloud storage. The app currently offers 5GB free storage and you can increase that by inviting friends to download and use the app.


If you use your phone for shopping and other transactions that use our credit card details, then you need 1Password. The app will store and protect password, credit card info and other sensitive details.


Do you want to send fun, cool, weird and sometimes naughty snaps to your friends? Look no further than Snapchat. It’s the best app around for such purposes. Once you’ve sent the photo or video, they delete themselves after some time.


Depending on your preference, there are numerous social networking sites available on the App Store. One of the best is Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. It’s the best app if you want to share your best photos of yourself or of practically anything. The app also now allows video uploads for added fun.


If you want to keep track of your activities throughout the day, Moves is an excellent app to try. From your step count to calories burned and where you went, the app tracks them all for free. It has a simple interface that is simple to use making it a better option than other complex getting fit apps available on iTunes.

Google Maps

There’s no question about it. Google Maps is your best bet if you want accuracy. Considering how gargantuan a company Google is, it’s no surprise that they’ve also created the best map app available for your iPhone. The app covers over 200 countries and over 100 million points of interest. It’s for free too and it has a voice navigation feature.

Best Trending Apps for Your iPad

You might think that just because you have an iPhone, you can download the same apps and enjoy your iPad like so. I have news for you. There are differences between an iPad and an iPhone, which also means that you may need a different set of apps to fully enjoy your iPad. Here are some of the best apps you might find useful:

VLC for iOS

If you constantly deal with different media filetypes, the perfect app for you is VLC. It’s perfect for handling a variety of filetypes. Once downloaded and installed, you can start watching different videos or listen to audio of different filetypes.


An essential iPad app, Remote is perfect to use with your iTunes. With the app installed on your iPad, you can use the device to control your computer’s iTunes library. You can play music, browse through songs and even get access to your iTunes Radio.

Skype for iPad

Let’s not forget about Skype. Though you have FaceTime you can use to video call with family or friends, Skype remains a staple app your iPad needs. You get to enjoy free video calls, chats and voice calls on a bigger screen than your iPhone with the Skype app for iPad.


If you’d rather watch a movie or a TV show in the comforts of your home or when travelling, Netflix is an excellent iPad app to download. When it comes to streaming services, Netflix offers the best there is. It’s for free on iPad. Though it will not let you download videos for offline viewing, it’s still handy enough as long as there’s Internet connection.

SwiftKey Keyboard

If you want a better keyboard than what your iOS phone has, you can download the SwiftKey Keyboard. The app features an auto correct system that’s certainly more intuitive than the iOS keyboard. This means no more worries about embarrassing autocorrects sent out to the wrong people.

App in the Air

If you’re constantly flying for business or pleasure, the App in the Air is a must have for your iPad. With the app, you can keep track of your flight details real time without hassle. The app also features navigation maps. This means that you can literally find anything and everything including restaurants and more at the airport. The best thing about the app, it still works even when offline.


iPads are the best when reading websites, blogs, articles and watching videos you’ve bookmarked. The problem is, you can’t access these bookmarks unless there’s Internet connection. But thanks to Pocket, you can now read web pages even offline. Just save the web pages on Pocket and you’re ready to read anytime, anywhere.

Best Free Trending Android Apps

Whatever kind of Android phone you own, downloading the best trending apps suitable for your phone is the best way to make the most of your handset. Here are some of the trending apps you might want to check out. We’ve rounded them up for you so you don’t have to dig through the best ones from a pile of crappy apps.


When it comes to trending apps for organizing purposes, Evernote is without a doubt a clear winner. You can create notebooks, jot down ideas and make to do lists. If you happen to have a life-changing idea while on the road, just take out your Android phone and launch Evernote. You can quickly sync your notes to other devices quickly and for free too.


Listen to your favorite playlist or create your own with Spotify. It’s one of the best media apps that you can download for free on your Google Play Store. Even if you don’t pay for the service, you can listen and enjoy innumerable songs provided you have Internet connection. Paying the monthly subscription fee, on one hand, will drop the ads and improve the audio quality.


Perfect for runners or cyclists, Strava is one of the best to go with your Android phone. You can track you activities, performance and check your progress by using just one app. For added spice, the app has challenges and leaderboards you can check out.


If you love Twitter then you’d probably love to download Periscope as well. The app is a more visual video streaming version of Twitter, which lets you watch video or create your own. Whether you’re a viewer or you create your own videos, the app is a must have for your Android phone.


In times when you can’t access the web and you want to read or browse through websites, Pocket is the app that you need. You can save articles, stories, blogs and even videos using Pocket then you can get back to them later even when offline.


If you want to show off your best snaps, Instagram is the best free app to share those photos. The app also comes with a wide range of filters that are sure to liven up your raw snaps before posting. To date, there are over 300 million users on Instragram.


Instant messaging on your Android phone is more exciting with WhatsApp. It’s for free but only for the first year. The app lets you send free text messages to people who are using the same app. If you’ve used up your text allowance, you can count on WhatsApp to save the day.


If you want to edit photos, Snapseed is a free editing app you should download. Your regular photos can look several times better thanks to the app’s features and tweaking options. It also comes with a variety of filters and effects that make editing more fun.


Traveling over 50 counters has been made easier and more convenient with Uber. If you regularly ride taxis to go to work or when travelling, download Uber on your Android phone now. If you need a taxi, just launch Uber and you can quickly request a taxi. Within minutes, your taxi is ready to take you wherever you are headed.


Keep your apps organized on your Android phone with Launchify. The app is a must have for users who get annoyed with messy phones. With Launchify, you can create short cuts to your favorite apps. For the free version, you can create up to six shortcuts.

Best trending apps for saving money

Whether you’re using Android or iPhone, there are several apps you can use to save more money effortlessly. Not all apps are there to drain your battery or your wallet. With these apps we’ve searched and rounded up for you, you’re sure to save a few bucks in the long run. Some of the best trending apps available for download include:


Miss a bill and you may end up paying extra charges and hidden fees. Thankfully, there’s BillTracker to help you make sure that you never miss a due date ever. The app is available for iPhones and it lets you take note of due dates and amount dues. The app also highlights important dates for you and its pass code-protected.


Keeping track of your finances even on the go is easier and more convenient than ever with Mint. Download the app and you can keep track of all your financial activities. Whether you’re monitoring your savings, checking or even retirement accounts, the app does it all. It is available for both iOS and Android.


With Shopkick on your phone, you can find great deals anytime, anywhere. Shopkick is available for both Android and iOS. The main feature of the app is letting users browse through products from popular stores like Best Buy and Target.

Grocery IQ

Are you struggling with the tendency to impulse buy items that are not on your grocery list? Grocery IQ can help you handle the bad habit like a champ. The app lets you create grocery lists quickly where you can search the app’s extensive database. You can also use voice command or scan barcodes if you want. It is available for iOS and Android, which you should download if you want better control on your grocery budget.


Why collect and carry coupons when you have the SavingStar? If you have loyalty cards for your favorite grocery stores and drugstores, the app can help you save money with the right digital coupon. If you find a suitable digital coupon, it will translate into cash through your loyalty card. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Amazon Local

Who doesn’t shop on Amazon once in a while? If you want to save some bucks, Amazon Local can help you do just that. In fact, you may save up to 75% on your purchases with the right deals. If you’re in the mood to shop or if you’re looking for a particular item, the app lets you do that even on the go. It is available for both iOS and Android as well as on Kindle Fire.


Another great app that has a lot of coupons to help save you money is SnipSnap. Just browse through the app’s directory and you can find a variety of coupons you can use. You can also see what your friends have snipped but more importantly, you can take photos of whatever coupons you have on hand and use them at respective retailers.

DebtTracker Pro

If you want a little more help with your debt, DebtTracker Pro is a great app for your iOS phone. The app lets you keep track of your progress towards a debt-free lifestyle. But the best thing about the app is the recommended strategies you can try to help you get out of debt.


GasBuddy is the perfect app if you want to save some money on your gas expenses. The app lets you find gas stations with the cheapest prices in the area. You also get a chance to earn some cash every time you report gas prices.